On Friday 22nd November the Oaklands School swimming pool was opened after being repaired. There was an official cutting of the ribbon and all the children were able to go for a short swim.
This picture of most of the Room 3 boys was in the Christchurch Press on Saturday.

Tr'e is standing in the middle of the pool. How many children can you identify from Room 3?

Discovery on Friday was fun. We also had Whacky Hair day as well.
 Joel got his discovery certificate for using language, symbols and text - "I talked about what we were doing and helped others."

Harry, Luke and Jesse were in the quiet room and had fun drawing and colouring pictures.

Calendar Art

Here is Room 3's fantastic calendar art!
We used straight lines and curved lines to create a 3D hand effect.

On Wednesday, I will send home a small photo of your child's art
so you can preview it before decided to buy.

Descriptive Writing about Oobleck

We are learning to use descriptive words to make our writing interesting.

Last week we made Oobleck in class.
Oobleck is a mixture that behaves as a liquid and a solid.

After we made Oobleck we decided to write about it.
We used a Y chart to brainstorm words to describe what Oobleck looked, sounded and felt like.

Here is some of our fantastic writing!

Planting our Garden

Today Room 3 planted some Daffodil, tulip bulbs and some cauliflower plants.

New Class member

This week we had a new class member join our class. Sophie is with us for 3 weeks from Singapore to experience the New Zealand classroom. We hope she enjoys her stay with us. Sophie made her own tapa cloth.

Tapa Cloth Patterns

On Friday 21st June when it began to snow, we had only half of the class present. We had a Discovery time of our own because the normal Kākano Discovery was cancelled. We made these tapa cloth designs based on flowers. First we screwed up brown paper until it became soft. We drew our design in brown crayon, outlined it with a black vivid marker, then used Indian ink to fill in some of the spaces.
We are very proud of the results.

Discovery 14.06.13

Every Friday the Kakano team have a Discovery time where the students can choose a variety of activities to opt into. Mrs Small chose to do some sewing on cardboard with wool. First the children sewed around the shape of either a leaf, tree or flower and then chose a second colour to fill in the spaces left. Mrs Small and Mrs Kidgell were kept busy re-threading needles when the wool came out and untangling mistakes in the sewing when the children put it through from the wrong side. Some children chose to colour inside their sewing when they had finished the outline.

Sorting seeds and leaves

After out trip to the Botanical Gardens we sorted our seeds that we gathered into a variety of categories. This was hard to do as many of the seeds looked very similar.

We also sorted the leaves we had collected and tried to put them into a Venn diagram that shows similar, different and things that belong to both categories. We had quite a discussion as to where things would go and why.

    As you can see almost every group sorted theirs in different ways.