T1 Football Coaching

During Term 1 we had some football coaching sessions. The girls went with a female coach and the boys were taught by a French coach.
We had a lot of fun during the sessions and learnt a lot of skills we can use in a game.

The girls getting used to using the ball.

Practising Sponge Bob Square Pants - foot knee kick catch.

Anna-Bella was getting good at this.

The boys learnt to dribble keeping the ball close to their feet.

The girls did this as well.

The girls played Zombie Tag.

The boys tried to move the ball quickly and follow it up and played Break the Ice.
You had to stop and if you were too close to another player you had broken the ice.

The boys had to dribble the ball and on a signal, had to have all four players in the hoop.

We finished each session with a game of four-a-side with no goal keepers unless the ball was near our goal.

T1 Scenes of Mr Shaskey teaching us

Mr Shaskey worked with Rooms 3 and 4 and he taught us to draw a figure.

1. He had marks on our paper and he talked us through how to do it.
2. He got us to practice drawing the eyes to get a twinkle in them
3. Step by step he demonstrated what to do and we followed his directions.
I think we are all impressed with the results.
Because the class was sitting up nicely, we got his demonstration drawing. We will share it later with Room 4.

March 2015 - Art with Mr Shaskey

On Thursday 26th March we had a sketching session with Mr Shaskey in the hall. He showed us how to draw a face because we will be painting portraits next week. See if you can follow the instructions to draw a face.

An oval was drawn and half way down the oval we made 2 lines for the placement of the eyes.
The eyes were drawn in an oval shape and the top of the eye.

The iris and pupil were drawn. The pupil was coloured in but a small spot was left so the eyes twinkled.

The iris was drawn with lots of small lines at the top and not so many down the bottom.
The bottom of the nose was found half way between the eyes and the chin and was as wide as the space between the eyes.

The mouth was placed half way between the nose and chin and it was as wide as the pupils of the eyes.
The bottom lip was drawn in a scoop and the top was drawn with a small scoop under the middle of the nose.
The middle of the lip was drawn next.
The ears were added and they were as long as the distance from the middle of the eyes to the bottom of the nose and it narrowed towards the bottom.

Eye brows were added and a light line was drawn above the eyebrows to mark the place for the bottom of the hair.

We learnt a lot about drawing a person's face.

Mathletics 2015

Our first winner of the Room 3 Mathletics trophy was Riley.
All the students who have a score of over 1000 points, go into a draw for the trophy each week.
Friday 27th February was Riley's lucky day.

2015 Jellie Park Trip

We had a wonderful time at Jellie Park.
The Kauri team was in the indoor pool having their swimming races while the Kākano team used the outdoor pool.