Sun smart

We learnt that we need to wear hats in the sun to stop us getting sunburnt.

Location:Cunningham Place,Westlake,New Zealand


I learnt that I need to wear sunblock, seek shade, wear a sunhat and a tshirt to look after my skin when in the sun.

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This is my brainstorm about types of conflict.

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The Three Little Pigs

We learnt about conflict in this story. There was conflict between the three little pigs and the wolf.

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Fast Words

We write down our spelling words as fast as we can to help us remember them.
Ashton Andrei

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Physical education

Physical Education on PhotoPeach

Physical education

Today we did a special lesson with Kris from Kelly Sports. We had to throw a beanbag over arm and hit a cone. Then we had to hit some knights before we could rescue the queen.


Harry entered the Tryathlon in the weekend and said that it was hard but he had a great time.

There were a lot of people there from our school.

Our fantastic Portraits.