Anti-Bullying Show

On Friday 28th at 1:30 we went to a special show about Anti-Bullying.
There was a lot of audience participation and we learnt some messages;

DISCOVERY -21st March

Our focus for Discovery was Managing Self.
These students received certificates for being great self-managers in the activity they chose.
We got our certificated for cleaning up after ourselves

Lillian and Claudia got their certificate for persevering in their sewing of a card and for also helping others when they became tangled up in their work.

We stuck to the activity and packed up when we had finished.

Solo Rubrics

We are also able to make rubrics for our own self assessment. This helps us see where we are and what our next steps are. These are rubrics that can be used in story writing.

A rubric for the use of punctuation.

A rubric for the use of capital letters.

A rubric for sequencing ideas.

Solo Taxonomy

Room 3 have been learning about Solo Taxonomy. We have various signs to show our understanding of our learning. SOLO stands for Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes.
This sign is for the pre structural stage -Learning outcomes show unconnected information and no organisation.

Learning outcomes show simple connections but the importance is not noted

Learning outcomes show connections are made but the significance to overall meaning is missing.

Learning outcomes show full connections made and synthesis of parts to the overall meaning.

Learning outcomes go beyond the subject and makes links to other concepts - generalises.

Discovery 28-02-2014

Our first session of Discovery was held. There were some very excited students and it was hard to choose which activity you went to. The Competency Value was Relating to Others.
The ways we could show this value was to share and take turns, co-operate in pairs or in a group, include others, help and support other students, and to respect the space of others.
Here are some of the photos taken when we shared what we did in the classroom.
We had to sew our initials onto a piece of cloth.
It was hard because you had to be careful not to pull the stitches too tight.

We had to sew a pattern onto a piece of canvas.
It was exciting to use the bright colours.

Making a butterfly and decorating it with glitter was fun.

This sandpit crew took on the challenge of creating a monster castle.

In the making paper planes activity, the plane had to be tested
and changes needed to be made to improve the flight of it.