2015 Cultural Day 23 February

We had our Cultural day where we did a variety of activities, had a Japanese visitor who helped us write our names, and a shared lunch. We also dressed up in something to let others know what country we came from. Here are some of the photos taken during the day.

Leo is wearing his Japanese boy's kimono.

Jun in his Chinese clothing

A traditional kimono with the large obi tied at the back.

Leo's mum had brought along her friend to help us copy our names on Japanese, and she read is a story in Japanese.

We made Chinese lanterns.

And we had lots of yummy food to share

The Library Mat.

Because the new library has not been finished when it was moved to Room 7 to allow the library space to be used as a Modern Learning Environment, Room 3 is lucky to be looking after the large mat showing a map of the world. We are taking good care of it for Mrs Ward and we will be sorry when we have to give it back because it is comfortable to stretch out on it to do our work.

2015 Room 3's Assembly

Room 3 hosted the Kākano Assembly on Monday the 16th February.
We were disappointed because we had made a powerpoint of our learning and we could not get the screen to work.
However, we made our announcements, sang the National Anthem, our Team song "The Little Kauri Seed" and "Copy Cat Rap".
The PALS also spoke to us and the House Points were announced.

Jun making his announcement.

Room 3 standing for a song.

2015 - Our First Swim Of The Year

It was a bit windy and cloudy when we had our first swim of the year.
As you can see by the faces, some of the children did not stay in long as they found it a little cold.

2015 Continuing Our Learning Plan

When we met our transition class last year, Mrs Small showed us how to draw a portrait by dividing the face into thirds and looking at where our eyes, nose, mouth and ears were in relation to the thirds.
We also write an acrostic poem about ourselves and displayed the two things together.

In 2015 we had to write about some things we were good at and write them onto a T-Shirt shape.

We also made these Lotus sheets to learn something about each other.


2015 Fun Sports Day

Because our Fun Sports Day was rained off last year we decided to complete it this year.

We worked with our Buddy Reading Class (Room 6) and they helped us with some of the activities.

1. Three legged race.

2. Tennis Ball  and Spoon Race

3. Mixture of activities

4. Hurdles and beanbags

5. Tug of war

What a great day it was.

2015 Learning Plan

Room 3 had a lot of fun learning about resilience and perseverance while formulating our Learning Plan.

We played a lot of new games with "Rats and Rabbits" being our favourite.

We also had a choice of 4 challenges to complete.

Challenge 1 = COMMUNITY -
We had to work with someone else to complete a co-operative picture about something we both enjoyed doing. This took some time to do.

We had to make a model with a buddy from looking at a picture.

Then one person had to describe the model while the other person built it. This was hard to do.

Challenge 3 - RESPECT
We had to look at some work completed by someone else and we had to write them a note telling something we liked about their work.

Challenge 4 - EXCELLENCE
For this challenge we had to work with another person to trace around each other's hand then colour the hands in bright colours making them evenly coloured.

We all loved doing these challenges.