Our Day in the CBD

On Thursday we went into the city to have a look at the changes that have been made.
We saw a lot of Gap Filler things that had been put there when buildings were torn down.

When we were dropped off by the Bridge of Remembrance, we saw workmen working on an area by the river.

The children enjoyed climbing on a seating area in the Container Mall that was made with reinforcing bars.

There were some unusual things in the container Mall.

The flags in Cathedral square were colourful.

The Swamp Huts were fun to play around and so was the dance mat.

The oversized furniture reminded us that it could have been built for a giant.

When we were going down New Regent Street to see the different buildings, we met the Wizard of Christchurch.
He stopped to talk to us and even cast a spell to make our homework really easy for the rest of the term.

The Cardboard Cathedral had some very lovely windows.

We went into the Cardboard Cathedral and a man spoke to us about it. It had been built with over 200 
cardboard tubes, and even there were other things inside it that were also made of cardboard tubes.

We were impressed by a lot of things that has been put in the city to fill the spaces where buildings had been demolished. Soon we will have a great city with some wonderful new buildings.


For the past two weeks we have been learning about position and orientation in our Maths. We learnt about left and right, clockwise and anticlockwise, mazes, the compass points and co-ordinates. Here are some examples of the activity sheets we worked with.

We all thought it was a lot of fun and a real change from addition and subtraction.

Discovery 6th June

During Discovery the students were very inventive with the things they produced from a variety of shapes of different colours.





Our Memories

Room 3 has been discussing what makes our identity.

We brainstormed the things we could remember that were special to us. This is a list of things that we came up with.

Celebrating Australia Day
New Zealand Day
Having a trip overseas
A family anniversary
My first fish caught
My first day at school
First trip away from home
Learning to ride a bike
Going on a train or bus
Christmas celebrations
When my first tooth came out
Going on a school trip
My sports
Easter celebrations
My first painting that I did
Birth of my sister
Birth of my brother
Medals that I have won
Certificates that I have received
Halloween celebrations

Guy Fawkes night with the family

We found that not everyone had the same memories and that each and every one of us was unique.

Sketching with Mr Shaskey

Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 23 went into the hall to learn how to sketch still life.

Mr Shaskey had set up a still life scene to sketch.

This is what we had to sketch.

 Mr Shaskey helped us by putting dashed outlines on the paper for us.

 After setting the limits of the sketch, we followed his instructions to draw the main lines.

We used crayons and mixed the colours to get the correct shading and colour.

We then had to colour the rest of the objects.

Mr Shaskey finished his large demonstration model.

We all think we did pretty well at our sketching.