Multicultural Week

We were so luck to have Amy come and share an aspect of her culture with us on Thursday. The children had such a fun time making some amazing creations by cutting paper.

Swimming at Jellie Park

Swimming at Jellie Park on PhotoPeach

Swimming at School

Swimming at School on PhotoPeach

Taylah's Kittens

Taylah brought her kitten Marmalade to school on Wednesday.

We used our great oral language skills to describe what she looked like and what she was doing. We were also able to make comparisons with our other kitten visitors, Eli and Millie.

Hosting Kākano Assembly

We were very proud to host the first Kākano Team Assembly for 2016.

Our highlights were

  • Leading the singing of the school waiata
(Click to enlarge)

  • Speaking in front of a big audience (even if we were a little nervous!)

  • Sharing our learning

  • Leading the singing of a fun song - You've got a friend in me.

The Treehouse Treaty

We spent time thinking about Waitangi Day and why we celebrate it.

We read a book called The Treehouse Treaty, about four children who build a treehouse and then need to sort out some disagreements so they can play peacefully together.

Task: With 22 straws and one metre of tape, build a house big enough for Keto the Kea.

The Treehouse Treaty on PhotoPeach

Working as a team - a Circle Time game

Purpose: To practise working as a team

Task: Move the soft toy kea around the circle with our legs

Result: Laughter, smiles, encouragement, active thinking and...... teamwork!

Kākano Whakatauki

Nō he kākano iti, e puawai ana he Kahikatea
From a small seed, a tall tree will blossom

Purpose of the Learning
  • To create an experience that would help the children remember the team whakatauki
Kākano Whakatauki on PhotoPeach

Working Collaboratively - Spaghetti & Marshmallows

Purpose - To practise our collaborative skills

Task - Build the tallest tower that can stay standing by itself for at least 20 seconds

- 6 marshmallows
- 12 pieces of dry spaghetti
- 1 metre of tape