Casear, the Rescue Dog

Our writing motivation this week is the true story of 
Caesar, the Rescue Dog.

Caesar the Anzac Dog, whose collar is held at Auckland Museum, has a Patricia Stroud book written in his honour (Stroud's great uncle was an owner of the dog).Caesar led an Auckland parade before his battalion left for the war in 1916.

Brave Caesar was on the front line - he was a trained rescue dog and helped stretcher-bearers find the wounded at night when lanterns could get the rescuers killed. When Caesar found a wounded soldier, he was trained to look for an identifying feature such as a coat, hat or helmet and to carry this back to a handler.

Caesar would do this again and again and he is responsible for saving many lives. Unfortunately Caesar died in action but it is a wonderful story of an unsung Kiwi hero and a little known aspect of the First World War

Caesar was reported killed after losing both eyes in November 1917.

Our Habitats

After viewing and discussing our habitat slideshow

we talked about what we need to be healthy and happy.

We then made connections between
- what we need
- where in our habitat we can get these things
- how these places help us to be healthy and happy

Integrated Topic-Living World

Term 2 Integrated Topic - Living World

Big Idea
What changes do I need to make to protect habitats and species?
Taking Action

Key Competency
Skill Focus
The children will be able to:
  • Find information by using
    • Key words
    • Skimming
    • Scanning
  • Participate and Contribute to discussions
  • Answer questions
  • Ask their own questions

Deep understandings
The children will understand
  • why streams are significant places, what their value is and whether they should be protected areas
  • The variety of animals that live in a stream and some of the factors they depend on to live successfully in this area
  • describe the relationships between the plants and the animals and their reliance on a healthy habitat
  • identify actions that they can take to help protect waterways.