Get Wise

In Term 3 Michelle from Get Wise came to talk to us about Financial Literacy.
Her message was Save a little, Spend a little

St John Visit Term 4 2014

On Monday 17th November we had a visit from the St John's lady to teach us about the emergency services and what the St Johns do.

We learn about the jobs carried out by the Fire Department, the Police and the St John.

She showed us some pictures and we had to say how these services helped us.
We were also shown some pictures and we had to guess which of the three services we would call in each of the pictures.

This was the oxygen machine and we were shown how it was used as a nebuliser.

Each of us was able to feel the steam produced and it was cold and a bit funny to touch.

We had to get into pairs and practice dialling 111 and asking for an operator and giving them the information that they needed. One person took the part of the operator and the other person was ringing the emergency service.
Everyone needed to know their address and telephone number for this.

At the end the lady showed us what was in an ambulance and the different sirens they had. 
We were surprised that there were so many different sirens.
We learnt a lot and enjoyed the session.

Jubilee 2014

During Labour weekend, Oaklands School had its 50th Jubilee.
We had an Open Day on Friday and there was a photo taken of the whole school and the visitors. The photographer had to stand on the Library roof to take it. Our newly painted mural was on display at the end of the Hall facing Rooms 1-3.

Some of the art work produced during Term 3 for the Topic was on display at the end of Room 23.

On Saturday the Jubilee gated were opened,

the cake cut,

and School Production was put on.

CARE Awards October 2014

The following students received their CARE award at assembly.

Natalie and Amelia received their Silver award and are now trying hart to get their Gold award.

Josh and James received their Bronze Certificate.

Discovery 31st October 2014

On Friday we were dressed in mufti for bringing a contribution to the Gala. Miss lee took origami and there were lots of other activities with a Halloween theme.
This is a collection of photos of our class and what they made.

Music Interchange Term 3 2014

During music interchange this term, in the second rotation, Mrs Small had us make small drums and decorate them. We performed outside the music room because the hall was being used.
other students were in the Drama, Art and Dance groups.

Joshua and Amelia with the finished drums.

Part of the performance in front of the Music room.

T3 Topic Interchange

In Term 3 we have been working in groups with Music, Dance, Drama, and Art.
We have been involved in a lot of activities.

Teri made a rain shaker and a mini drum.
James made a poi and he has been practising with it.

Recorder sessions

During Term 3 and 4, Room 3 students will be learning the recorder.
We had our first session in Friday the 1st August and the children were very attentive and learnt 3 notes.
We have to remember to blow gently otherwise it will hurt our ears.  We had to also make sure that our fingers covered the holes on the instrument properly or a strange sound comes out.


On the 30th of July, Room 3 made some Skittle art in order to write down the procedure for this.

To do this we needed
1 small bowl each
4 skittles in different colours.
a cup of water
a little bit of patience.

1. Put the skittles in the bowl.

2. Make a pattern with them.

3. Pour the water slowly into the bowl.

4. Wait for a while until you see something happening.
5. Be careful that you do not move the bowl.

What we saw.
The skittles made a beautiful coloured pattern.

The 'S' came off the skittles and floated on the top of the water.

Making Popcorn

Room 3 made popcorn so that we could write down the procedure for our writing.
We used a popcorn maker to do this.

First we plugged the popcorn maker in and turned it on.

Next Devon measured out the popcorn and put it into the popcorn maker.

We put the lid on and waited until the corn kernels began to pop.

We began to see the popped corn fall into the bowl.

The delicious smell made us all feel hungry.

There was plenty of popcorn for all of us to have a taste.
Now we will write the procedure for making popcorn.