On the 30th of July, Room 3 made some Skittle art in order to write down the procedure for this.

To do this we needed
1 small bowl each
4 skittles in different colours.
a cup of water
a little bit of patience.

1. Put the skittles in the bowl.

2. Make a pattern with them.

3. Pour the water slowly into the bowl.

4. Wait for a while until you see something happening.
5. Be careful that you do not move the bowl.

What we saw.
The skittles made a beautiful coloured pattern.

The 'S' came off the skittles and floated on the top of the water.

Making Popcorn

Room 3 made popcorn so that we could write down the procedure for our writing.
We used a popcorn maker to do this.

First we plugged the popcorn maker in and turned it on.

Next Devon measured out the popcorn and put it into the popcorn maker.

We put the lid on and waited until the corn kernels began to pop.

We began to see the popped corn fall into the bowl.

The delicious smell made us all feel hungry.

There was plenty of popcorn for all of us to have a taste.
Now we will write the procedure for making popcorn.