Term 2 Science

We are learning to follow a procedure to make parachutes with a plastic bag and string.

What we need:
A plastic supermarket bag
something to weight the parachute.

Step 1 - Cut the plastic so it is in a square or rectangle shape.
Step 2 - Cut 4 pieces of string the same size, about 30 to 35 cm long
Step 3 - Sellotape the string to the four corners of the plastic square / rectangle
Step 4 - Bring the ends of the strings together and tie the weight firmly.
Step 5 Test fly it from a small height.

The parachutes that did not have too much weight gently floated to the ground.
The parachutes with a heavy weight fell straight to the ground.

We also made and tested some gyrocopters.

These worked well when they had a paper clip on the end as a weight.

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